Llano Estacado Winery & the ACF Texas Panhandle Chefs de Cuisine Present:

2017 Llano Wine & Chocolate Fantasia!

The Llano Wine & Chocolate Fantasia was created to promote interaction among culinarians, foster alliances for students, give culinarians in the South Plains area the opportunity to gain experience in a competitive setting, and expose the public to an original event which they will not soon forget.

Date:  February 11, 2017

Time:  6:30 – 8:30

Where:  Llano Estacado Winery – 3426 E. FM 1585, Lubbock, TX  79404

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Welcome to the Chocolate Fantasia at the Llano Winery.  We are excited about another great competition this year!  Once again, there will be no theme for this year’s Fantasia.  Competitors are free to create whatever suits their own vision and style.

Once again, the following awards will be presented and a monetary prize will be awarded to certain categories.

Best of Show – this trophy will be awarded to the entry deemed the Best of Show by consensus of the Fantasia judges.

$200.00 prize

Judges’ Artistic Merit Award – this award was created to recognize high achievement in the areas of originality, theme cohesion, creativity, and exemplary artistic merit.  The recipient will be chosen by consensus of the Fantasia judges.

$200.00 prize


People’s Choice – this trophy will be awarded to the entry which is deemed the public’s favorite tasting samples.  The recipient will be identified by receiving the most Peoples’ Choice votes from those attending the event.

No money prize.

Champion of Savory Chocolate – this new award will be up to votes from the public as to which savory application they like the best.  It will be similar to the People’s Choice as they will deem there favorite by each individual voting on there favorite and numbers being tallied at the end.

No money prize.

The Peoples’ Choice Award is based on ticket stubs with which the guests ‘vote’ to declare their favorite tasting samples.  The guideline stated in this packet for the minimum number of samples to be provided by the contestants is just a minimum.  We recommend preparing more if time and budget permits.  We usually have 300-400 guests attending Fantasia.  If you have great tasting samples, might as well let everyone try them.


Commemorative Llano Wine and Chocolate Fantasia Medals will be awarded to all competitors, in every category, who receive the points necessary for that award.  Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be available.  Entrants will compete against the Fantasia point system, not each other.

Point system breakdown from a possible forty (40) points:

     Gold Medal     -34 points and above

Silver Medal   -28 to 33.9 points

Bronze Medal -20 to 27.9 points

Thanks again for your interest and good luck.  There is no need to send in the application.  You can simply call and we’ll fill one out over the phone.  Any questions, call Jay or Angela at (806) 771-3356.


  1. Blank application forms may be copied if necessary.
  2. Each participant should check-in with a Fantasia representative upon arrival at the winery.  You will be given your name tags, a table place-card, and a program.
  3. Placement is on a first-come, first-served basis.  There will be a separate section for savory applications.  The winery will be available starting at noon for contestants to begin setting up.  Set-up must be completed by 4pm at which time the judging begins.
  4. Competitors can expect to be interviewed and/or photographed at the request of press, radio, or television. Please try to remain available for this publicity.
  5. If table decorations are desired, the individual exhibitor must provide their own.  Refrain from items, motifs, or designs that might identify a particular establishment or individual (see item # 4 on Rules page).  White tablecloths will be provided.
  6. Exhibitors must read the Competitor’s Packet completely and realize that all rules of the exhibition must be observed in order to be eligible to compete.  This will facilitate the work of the judges and the Event Committee and will provide for the success of the show.
  7. Trophies will be awarded for Best of Show, People’s Choice, Judges’ Artistic Merit, and Champion of Savory Chocolate.  Fantasia medals are also presented on a scoring scale that the judges will use for showpieces.
  8. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all exhibitors.
  9. The Fantasia was initially organized as a competition; however, the competitive nature of the event is requested to be light-hearted and casual.  Developing healthy rivalries for future events is encouraged.
  10. A writer for Texas Highways magazine has stated that Chocolate Fantasia is the longest running annual chocolate event in the state of Texas.  All contestants, staff, and volunteers should be proud of this tradition.  Everyone acknowledges the fact that without contestants, this event would not exist.  Thanks to all who have committed time, talent, and resources to participate in this competition.


  1. The winery will accept arrival of entries starting at noon and set-up must be completed by 4pm when judging will begin.  This also includes savory contestants.  Chaffers and other items will need to be set up before the judging so as not to disturb the judging process.  Hot food can be brought in before opening the doors to the public.
  2. No exhibitor will be allowed in the contest area during the judging.  No exceptions.
  3. All materials must be generic in nature and cannot identify a certain individual or organization until after the judging. Placement of these materials is encouraged once the event is opened to the public at 6:30pm.
  4. Each entry will be designated by table number and judged by that number, not by actual personal identification.
  5. The exhibitor is responsible for maintaining the appearance of the entry, serving the entry, and answering questions during the public hours of the show (6:30pm to 8:30pm).
  6. The event committee reserves the right to remove any display or item which does not meet the quality standards of the Fantasia. This rule will apply mainly to entries which are deemed unwholesome or offensive.
  7. The decision of the judges will be regarded as final.
  8. Each judge will judge individually.  Each piece is to be judged by no less than three judges. All scores will be added and the average found.
  9. Neither ACF Texas Panhandle Chefs de Cuisine nor the Llano Winery will be responsible for any breakage, damage, or loss.


Each entry will be judged on a point system with forty (40) points being a perfect score.  The judges will be using a worksheet that splits their evaluation into four categories with a maximum of ten (10) points for each section.

  1. Compilation and Preparation – this item deals with the workmanship of the piece.  Judges will be looking at ingredients used, technique, and structure of the entry.  This category is the most technical and quantitative of the evaluations.
  2. Presentation – for a good score in this section, the judges will be looking for simplicity (in concept, not necessarily technique), cleanliness, balance, color, use of the medium, movement, spatial effect, and ability to express a theme.
  3. Originality - judges will be looking for a piece or characteristics of a piece that employ a truly unique form or technique.  Keep in mind that originality is not only expressed in a totally new idea, but is also (even more so) expressed in new variations on established ideas.
  4. Overall – this category exists to allow the judges to evaluate the total prize-worthiness of the entry.


The judges will decide if they will taste your entry.  Your entry WILL be probed – Styrofoam or fake cakes and displays are discouraged.  Superstructure and support non-edible materials will be considered as necessary in some situations.  The judges will have license to taste the samples you are providing with your entry.

Due to the high level of competition which has become a tradition of  Fantasia, taste has become an increasingly important aspect of judging the entries. The Fantasia event committee has never made it a requirement for the judges to taste each entry.  Even a small bite of forty or fifty entries would be a considerable burden for Fantasia judges.  We have instructed the judges to taste at will, adjusting the Compilation and Preparation and the Overall categories of the judging criteria to reflect taste evaluations.  The contestants are encouraged to meet briefly with the judges following the presentation of awards for comments, critiques, suggestions, and compliments.



  1. All contestants are requested to follow and adhere to any and all sanitation procedures established by the State of Texas in the preparation of their entries.  Copies of the health code and answers to questions are available at the City of Lubbock Environmental Health Department.
  1. All contestants are requested to provide serving utensils for their entry.
  1. Periodic application of an instant hand sanitizer and/or frequent hand washing during the event is encouraged.
  1. Approved latex gloves are recommended for all servers.  Gloves may be available at the event.
  1. All entries are required to be served from a platter, tray, mirror, or other approved smooth, easily cleaned surface.  Showpieces or centerpieces (portioned for service or not) should also be presented on an approved surface.
  1. The cooperation of all contestants and their assistants in this regard is appreciated.

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