Sangria Fruit Dip

Recipe courtesy of our friends at Dukes and Duchesses


8 ounces cream cheese, whipped or regular

5 teaspoons icing sugar

5 tablespoons Llano Red Moscato Wine

2 teaspoons orange juice.


Using an electric mixer, whip the cream cheese until it’s soft then slowly add the icing sugar, blending completely. Mix in the wine and orange juice.

If you want a stronger or sweeter fruit dip, simply add more wine or more sugar until the taste suits you. Just be careful the dip doesn’t end up too runny.

Garnish with an orange slice and serve with fresh strawberries, mandarin orange slices, or grapes.

And if you want to go all the way with happy hour, serve this sweet dip with wine spritzers!

Set out your favorite Llano wines and club soda along with any fresh fruit you want to use for garnishes.

Fill a glass half full with chilled wine.

Top it off with cold club soda.