Wine Club Syrah “La Violette”


A grape native to the Northern Rhone Valley in France and now grown in the Dell Valley Vineyard, located in far West Texas in the high elevation Chihuahuan desert. The elevation of 4,000 ft tempers the daytime highs typically found in a rain shadow desert and allows for a climate that is very conducive to quality viticulture. The calcareous soils of this vineyard contribute to a savory finish that is unique only to grapes sourced from this vineyard.

This is another rendition of the “El Capitan” Syrah. The vintage conditions contributed to a more floral nose, softer tannins, and lowish acid so this wine can be enjoyed on its own but it’ll really shine with smoky grilled meats and vegetables.

Vineyard Map

Wine Club Syrah, "La Violette", Dell Valley Vineyard





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