Wine Club Tempranillo, JoBreguen Vineyard


Grown at 3,400 feet in elevation in the deep sandy loam soils of Terry County, these 6 year old Tempranillo vines were farmed by David Dill, owner of the JoBreguen Vineyard.
The winemaking focus was on the concept of terroir, which is defined as: the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. Harvesting the grapes in late August, the vinification consisted of very traditional and simple techniques: minimal additions, warm fermentation, press at dryness into large, 500-L barrels, Malolactic in barrel, and most importantly: LEAVE it ALONE! After 14 months of being left alone, the wine was racked clean from barrels, minimally sulfured, and bottled without filtration.
Tasting notes: floral nose of violets and spice, with some dill herb nuances. Refreshing acidity is soft tannins are felt on the palate.
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Wine Club Tempranillo, JoBreguen Vineyard





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