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World-Class Wines From The Lone Star State

Ambitious? Maybe. But here in Texas, you really shouldn’t expect any less. Since 1976, we’ve been driven to uncork the potential of vintages produced on Texas soil. Now, we’re the largest, best-selling premium winery in Texas, producing wines of world-class quality and introducing the entire globe to the fine wines made in the Lone Star State.

Our Wines

Ask our Vice President Executive Winemaker, Greg Bruni, and he'll tell you that the science of wine is simple, but the art is another thing entirely. Growing grapes on the High Plains of West Texas is challenging, but it makes for higher quality fruit that retains more natural acidity.



When founded Llano Estacado Winery, we set out to create exceptional wine. Our focus was premium quality and world-class taste. So it was only a matter of time before the rest of the viticultural world noticed. We burst onto the international awards scene with a rare Double Gold for our 1984 Chardonnay at the San Francisco Fair’s prestigious International Wine Competition, and we’ve been wowing them ever since.  


2022 Houston Livestock & Rodeo
  • NV CR Limited Release Red Blend - Gold, Texas Class Champion
  • 2019 Merlot- Gold, Texas Class Champion
  • 2017 THP Stampede- Gold, Reserve Texas Class Champion
  • 2018 1836 Red- Silver
  • 2019 1836 White- Silver
  • 2019 Viviano- Silver
  • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon- Silver
  • 2019 Cellar Reserve Tempranillo- Silver
  • 2020 Gruner Vetliner- Silver, Reserve Texas Class Champion
  • 2019 Les Caillerets Viognier - Silver
  • 2020 Signature White- Silver, Class Champion, Texas Class Champion
  • 2017 Tannat- Silver, Reserve Class Champion, Texas Class Champion
  • 2019 Bourbon Barrel Cabernet- Silver, Reserve Texas Class Champion
  2021 Lone Star International Wine Competition
Texas Division:
  • 2020 Llano Estacado Moscato- Gold
  • 2017 THP Stampede- Gold
  • NV CR Red Blend Limited Edition- Gold
  • 2019 Viviano -Gold, Best in Class (Other Red Blends)
  • 2019 Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon- Gold
  • 2020 Bourbon Barrel Tempranillo- Gold, Best in Class (Tempranillo Category), Grand Star (Tempranillo Category)
  • 2020 Gruner Veltliner Kubacak Vineyard- Silver
  • 2019 Cellar Reserve Tempranillo- Silver
  • 2020 Signature White- Silver
  • 2019 Merlot- Silver
  • 2019 Sangiovese Farmhouse Vineyard -Silver
  • 2019 1836 White- Silver
  • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon- Silver
  • 2019 Viognier Les Caillerets- Silver
International Division:
  • 2017 THP Stampede- Silver
  • 2019 Viviano- Silver
  • 2020 Rose- Silver
  • 2019 Viognier Les Caillerets- Silver
  2021 TEXSOM International Awards
  • 2018 1836 Red- PLATINUM
  • 2019 Roussanne (One-Way Vineyard)- GOLD
  • 2018 THP Tempranillo- Silver
  • 2019 Maestranza Red Blend- Silver
  • 2020 Rose- Silver
  • 2019 “La Violette” Syrah Dell Valley- Silver
  • 2020 Gruner Veltliner Kubacek Vineyard- Silver
  • 2017 Tannat- Silver
2021 San Diego International Wine Challenge
  • 2018 1836 White- GOLD
  • 2017 Vivian-o Silver
  • 2020 Rose- Silver
  • 2018 Cellar Reserve Tempranillo- Silver
  • 2018 Cellar Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon- Silver

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Celebrate exceptional wines in the exceptional surroundings of our Tasting Room, Event Center, Conference Room, Banquet Room, Bridal Suite and Vineyard.

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Our Company

For years West Texas was only known for oil and cattle. We changed that. With a little luck and a lot of spirit, we put West Texas on the viticultural map in 1976, and we've been making waves with domestic and international awards ever since.

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